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Individuals can tell how beneficial a web hosting company is, how they provide servers for people who don’t have good servers, and other benefits. They even store your files for you, which you can access later, via a website browser, but the difficulty there is that those services rendered have to be paid for, it’s not free. Although there are lots of available hosting sites for free, you cannot compare the benefits with the ones being paid for. It all comes down to nothing, at the end, you will find out that there isn’t any benefit from free hosting. If you ask, is it a good idea to use free hosting? Then the answer would certainly be no because going for free hosting won’t give a user the opportunity to explore all the benefits there are, in web hosting. It’s never a good option or idea to go for free hosting, users shouldn’t make that mistake, they will only regret their actions. Here are the reasons why people will regret going for free web hosting.

The most common problem is limitations,

The most common problem is limitations, when accessing hosting services that are free, there’s bound to be limitations like less server space, slow speed, no up-time guarantee, no backup, etc. As you can see, these things are important for every website, so why allow these important things go away just because it’s free, it doesn’t make sense. If your sites can’t manage low server spaces, they won’t function properly with slow speeds, so what if you need a backup? All your files will be lost. When a person starts using free hosting sites, at first he won’t realize the importance of those features that are going to be limited, but later, if his website starts to grow, then he will face the challenges. No matter the temptation, a person should always ensure that he gets fast speed, high server spaces, backups, and others, without these things a website can become useless in future.

Reasons Why You Shouldn't Use Free Hosting

There are no warnings or signs if something is going to happen when using hosted services for free, like the change of service-level agreement, a user won’t be informed if this happens. Why would a person not be informed if the web hosting company changes its service-level agreement? It’s simple. Since the company is providing you with those services, it’s none of their business in telling or saying any explanations or warnings. Another common issue is when the organization decides to shut down, it’s painful to the user because, all his efforts and activities will just be wasted. What’s worse is that, when the company decides to shut down, it won’t inform any user, except if you decide to make inquiries, they will simply shut services down permanently without any notice.

Incomplete payments will also be missed, as users will no longer have access to their websites, except they have backed it up. Unfortunately, free hosting doesn’t support backups. Finally, since free sites don’t take guarantee of backups, if there’s a fault, or the company crashes, a person can lose all his data, every bit. Don’t forget that despite the loss, there will be no way of recovering that data, it can put an end to the website permanently.

Phemie Mosher