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Best Free Web Hosting Services

The internet has lots of websites that provide the information needed by customers and users of the site. Most businesses use websites to advertise and reach a wider network of customers. Organizations and institutions use websites to manage their operations on an international scale. Web developers are responsible for creating and designing functional website pages. Once built, hosting occurs in the cloud so that they become accessible to everyone. Web hosting provides a means of publicizing an organization’s web pages. The World Wide Web, www, is a protocol allowing this to happen as it is often common to see most sites having a www prefix.

Web hosting service providers provide houses in which websites live in. Websites can be either front-end, back-end, or a combination of both depending on the requirements. Web pages that take data from users to later store them may need different hosting services from those that don’t capture user data. Wix is the best free hosting service and web builder on the internet today. This website offers a simple way of creating web pages using drag and drop features eliminating the need to write code.

An alternative to Wix is Awardspace,

Users of free Wix hosting get to host one site with a memory storage of 500 GB. Bandwidths of 500 Mb are additionally provided to make the data transfer rate smoother. Quality customer care is the hallmark of any good business. Wix’s customer support offers 24/7 support to its users, making sure that all inquiries get a reply. When you host your site with Wix, you get a free domain registration in your name. The downside of using a free version is that your site will always have advertisements for Wix.

An alternative to Wix is Awardspace, which offers better features compared to others. With Awardspace, you get 1 GB of storage with 5 GB of bandwidth to store all the information required by your web pages. Awardspace offers domain registration along with updated versions of backend coding languages such as PHP. PHP’s functionality binds with database language, SQL to reduce delays in transmitting data. The best feature about Awardspace is that it has no adverts for free account holders. Although they have limited customer support, they are still a great choice for beginners who want to host their sites for free.

Best Free Web Hosting Services

Moving away from Awardspace, Freehostia also features a list of top web hosting services. Although they have limited features of the free plan, they are still a great option for developers under a budget. FreeHostia allows for five sites hosting with storage of 250 MB and 6 MB Bandwidth. They also have domain registration and a dedicated customer support channel for quick responses to clients. The last hosting platform is HostGator which has existed for ten years.

Hosting freely is a cheap way to publish a website online for multiple uses. Free things, however, come with some limitations and this includes the free hosting services. Most clients who use free hosting never get to experience the full features available. The choice of hosting service to use depends on the user. The cons and pros of each free hosting service should be investigated before use.

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